If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for hundred years, teach the people (Kuan-tzu 591-547 BC)

Prof. Dr. Friedl Weiss
Dr. Haileselassie Gebreselassie
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Prof. em. Dr. Gerd Junne
Board Member
Drs. Jolanda Robinson
Head of Business Development
Prof. Dr. Nico Schrijver
Dr. Maarten de Wilde
Director of Capacity Building
Prof. em. Dr. Paul de Waart
Board Member

Membership and Governance

AEPICAB’s organizational structure comprises an Executive Board of Directors, an Advisory Board and a day-to-day management staff. AEPICAB has members from wide ranging backgrounds with a diverse wealth of professional experience, wisdom and insights ensuring its effective operation. The Secretary General is the chief Executive Officer of AEPICAB. The Head of Administration supervises the day to day management of AEPICAB including Personnel and Human Resources.

Board members
Professor. em. Dr. J.F. Weiss of the University of Vienna (Austria) has been appointed as Board co-Chair. Professor.em. Dr. Weiss was previously lecturing at the London School of Economics and Political Sience and has held chairs in International and European Economic Law at the Universities of Amsterdam and Vienna. He also lectures at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy and at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna.

Prof. Dr. Nico Schrijver, co-Chair of AEPICAB, holds chair of Public International Law at Leiden University, is a member of the Dutch Parliament’s Upper House, and of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


Prof. em. Dr. Gerd Junne, University of Amsterdam
Prof. em. Dr. P.J.I.M Paul de Waart, Free University of Amsterdam
Dr. Maarten de Wilde, associate professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam
Dr. Haileselassie Gebreselassie, Director, Project Coordination Office University of Amsterdam and
the Secretary of the Board of AEPICAB

Contributing Academic Staff
Prof. Dr. Friedl Weiss (University of Vienna)
Prof. Dr. Peter Malanczuk (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Gerd Junne (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Cees Hamelink (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Andre Hoekema (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Edgar du Perron (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Harmen van der Wilt (University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. de Waart (Free University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Jan Klabbers (Helesinki University, Finland)
Prof. Dr. Mark Cogen (University of Ghent, Belgium)
Prof. Peter Stoll (Gottingen University, Germany)
Dr. Chaloka Beyani (The London School of Economics and Political Science)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Chan (the School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
Prof. Dr. Laura Nielson (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Mr. Richard Nezerem (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London)
Prof. Dr. Anne van Aaken (Max Plank Institute, Germany)
Dr. Stefan Hammer (University of Vienna)
Dr. Christina Binder (University of Vienna)
Prof. Dr. Arend Soeterman (Free University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Wim Huisman (Criminology Institute, Free University of Amsterdam
Dr. Maarten de Wilde (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)
Prof. Dr. T. Maluwa (Pretoria University, SA, The Human Rights commission, Geneva)

Management Team:
Dr. Haileselassie Gebreselassie, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dr. Maarten de Wilde, Director Capacity Building
Drs. Jolanda Robinson, Head of Administration
Drs. Patrick Oudijk, Head of Communications

AEPICAB has two offices, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which also hosts the headquarters of the African Union(AU) and in Amstelveen in the Netherlands.