If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for hundred years, teach the people (Kuan-tzu 591-547 BC)

The Africa-Europe Partnership Institute for
Capacity Building and Human Resource
Development (AEPICAB)

In partnership and consultation with African and European institutions, AEPICAB designs, develops and implements capacity building programs tailored to the needs of requesting beneficiaries, mostly African governmental institutions. In pursuing its objectives AEPICAB is able to draw on the expertise, skills and active support of numerous leading academics, professional experts and officials of international organisations.

AEPICAB, in its present form, though a recently established, yet much trusted institute, is built on a widely acknowledged track-record of activities and achievements spanning more than 25 years. Due to its vast experience with the implementation and management of capacity building projects both bilateral and multilateral donors continue to finance a broad range of its projects including the European Union, the UNDP, and the Dutch, the United Kingdom and Canadian governments